Nathan has created award-winning advertising for some of the biggest and smallest companies in the country. He is always looking for inspirational projects to take on. Feel free to contact him at for more information. 

"Whomever is lucky enough to hire Nathan Marshall will get more than a teammate. They'll get a partner with an intense curiosity for learning, ability to pick-up new roles quickly, refreshingly genuine personality, and avaricious work ethic. His writing, of course, shows thoughtfulness. His presentation skills prove him as confident yet approachable. And quite frankly, he's also just a really good person who'd be a seamless fit to any team. Make the smart choice by going with Nathan. You will be happy you did." - Andy McKenna, VP & Creative Director at BRUNNER

"Have a conversation with Nathan. It's seriously an eye opening experience. He talked, acted, and worked as a professional with years of experience. He doesn't brag so you probably wouldn't know that he's an accomplished comedian, actor, and teacher. It shows in his work and his range. It was awesome seeing his mind work. And the work speaks for itself." - Morgan Copeland, Content Strategist at BlaineTurner

"Nathan showed great poise, confidence, and personality. His presentation skills are enviable. During the time he worked with us, Nathan proved himself adaptable, appreciative of every opportunity, and with a drive for over-delivery. I believe Nathan would apply his skills and enthusiasm to any organization." - Kim Tarasi, VP & Director of Creative Operations at BRUNNER