My partnership with American University of St. Vincent started when I was asked if I could "save" some original footage that was poorly shot for the school by an amateur videographer. Never being satisfied with producing a second-rate product, I realized that it would not be enough to simply splice the footage together. So, as always, I set out to tell the "best story," and the results have earned me a partnership with this fine school.  

"The University I represent hired Nathan to edit a promotional video. I shot the video with a simple HD (allegedly) camcorder and a live audio microphone. The footage was fair at best. Nathan took that footage and made the best product I could have imagined. It was hard to believe that he was able to take such amateur footage and create something of such high quality. Additionally, he was able to meet our budget needs with an unbelievably reasonable price. I highly recommend him." - Jeff Weisberger, Director of Admissions, American University of St. Vincent