In four years at my alma mater, I was asked to revitalize a Theatre program that had fallen on hard times since I was a student.  We grew a Theatre program from one student to four classes of Theatre in just four years.  We travelled and performed all over the world, competed in Shakespeare and playwriting competitions, learned a lot, and shared more laughter than ever thought possible.  This project was and still is a success. 

“Teachers of Nathan’s caliber do not come along often, and there are so many students who benefit from his tutelage.  Nathan goes far beyond what one would expect making a difference not only for the students of Brooke High School but also for the community of Brooke County.  Leading by example, he has reached out to members of our community in need of emotional and/or financial support teaching our students the meaning of service. 
     Nathan’s dedication to provide students with the opportunity to experience the vitality of learning as it pervades in our lives makes him the candidate you seeking.” - Toni Shute, Brooke High School, Head Principal  

“Nathan Marshall, you are not simply a wonderful teacher, but a life changer for the students lives you have touched.” - Jeannie Schwertfeger, Brooke High School Teacher

“Your love shows in everything you do.  You have torn down the walls and gave your students the world.  I am a better person for knowing you.” - Ellen Larter, Brooke High School Teacher

“Nathan Marshall you are the true definition of a teacher, friend, and role model.  I look up to you more than you will ever know.” - Amanda Milantoni, Brooke High School student

“Nathan Marshall is like the father I never got to have.  When times got tough, he was there.  He cheered us up when we were down.  He has done so much for us and gave us so much love.” - Corissa Girouard-Wyne, Brooke High School student

“Nathan Marshall wasn’t just my teacher.  He was my friend, a member of my family.  He gave me confidence in myself that I never had before.  He helped me more than anyone I know.” - Allison Baronio, Brooke High School student

“Nathan Marshall has been/is/always will be my biggest inspiration in life.  You helped me find myself in all the confusion of growing up and helped me bring forth all of the talent all this talent that I never knew I had, and I could never thank you enough for that.  There are few genuinely nice people left in the world, and I’m glad to say that one of them has been my teacher, my mentor, my guide, my friend, and a part of my family.” - Desirrae Wells, Brooke High School student

“No 26 letters could ever form any kind of gratitude I have for Nathan Marshall. He's the greatest man I have ever met. From my very first day in his class he has never once judged me or doubted be or belittled me. He has only encouraged and believed and accepted everything I was. He has not only taught us how to be strong students but how to be strong people. He taught us morals and truths about the world that other teachers are afraid to do. That is something I will keep with me my whole life.  You taught me that being a good person and being yourself is what matters. I look around the halls everyday upset from the people that are coming up in our generation, but then I come to this class and see the good. See that there are wonderful great, big hearted people in the world. And I could not be more grateful for my mentor and life long friend Mr. Nathan Marshall for bringing these beautiful people together to form my family.” - Alexa Gerrard, Brooke High School student

“I don’t think you get enough credit for the amount of great work you do, but you should.  You really care about everyone.  I feel like I could go on and on and still never be able to let you know how much you’ve changed my life for the better.  Thank you for calling me to the edge, pushing me, and allowing me to fly.  Wherever I am and in whatever I do, I’ll always remember what I learned from you and be the best I can possibly be.” - Caitlin Cuomo, Brooke High School student