The Jefferson County (Ohio) Port Authority came to me to help them create a mailer for their revitalization of downtown Steubenville, Ohio event. Steubenville was once a booming downtown, but like so many American small towns, it dried up. So, what i did was to create a "blueprint for the imagination." I wanted prospective business people to get this mailer and see more than a dilapidated town. I wanted them to see opportunity! As you can see from the picture below, the turnout was beyond phenomenal, and hopefully, a little creativity and some hard work has set Steubenville on its way to many future successes! 

"Nathan did phenomenal work at the Port Authority-sponsored October 15 Downtown Summit last year, providing a sleek and creative design for the invitations, as well as participating in the event itself. He was truly a pleasure to work with and we are grateful for his generous contributions towards future economic development of the City if Steubenville and Jefferson County. A definite five stars!" - Joe Dantona, Jefferson County Port Authority