As a passion project with very limited budget, we took on the helping Pittsburgh based anti-bullying musical comedy band The Josh & Gab Show.  Our goals were to improve brand equity, increase unique and return bookings, and increase awareness amongst target audience.

WHAT WE DID: We rebranded the band Josh + Gab, reworked their logo, created a tagline for them (Make Music.  Start Conversations.  Meet Friends.), gave them consistent colors and fonts to use throughout all their platforms, designed post cards, event packets, press kits, cold call instructions, and an e-mail blast.  We did a  website redesign to make it a more user friendly and effective tool for Josh and Gab, created posters, merchandise (t-shirts and temporary tattoos), an anti-bullying info graphic/free download card, and an interactive conversation starter flyer.  We also designed a three-month editorial calendar and gave them instructions on what social media options were best for them and how to use them effectively.  

Art Direction by James Rosario