Legal Hair & Day Spa is a high-end hair and day spa in Ohio that commissioned me to create some commercials to help grow two facets of their business, selling to men and the selling of gift cards. What I came up with was the "Put the MAN in Manicure" spot, which broke stereotypes of the "typical" guy who goes to Legal Hair & Day Spa. Also, I highlighted why giving the gift of Legal Hair & Day Spa is such a wonderful gift by showing the types of situations that call for a spa day in "A Holiday with Legal Hair." Both commercials were extremely well received and have produced staggering results.  

I have also been fortunate enough to partner with Legal Hair & Day Spa on several other events. One of these events was their Grand Reveal, which I created the flyer for. This flyer helped 100s of people pack Legal Hair & Day Spa for the entirety of their event.