One of my passion projects is helping a local church advertise. It is no secret that churches are having a difficult time getting people in their doors, so I thought it would be the most challenging of grassroots projects to take on. So, take on I did! I have helped the Wellsburg church of Christ modernize their image while advertising their core principles (Bible based knowledge and people first mentality).  The results have been overwhelmingly positive and have generated 1,000s of interactions on social media and in person. Here are some of the church leaders thoughts on the work I am doing:  

“Our experience with Nathan has been excellent. Any problems that arise while updating our website, he worked quickly and efficiently to solve the problems. I would recommend anyone looking to do a new website, flyers for an event, or any marketing and advertising to check with them. A+” – Chuck Isinghood, Elder, Wellsburg church of Christ

“Nathan did a great job, not just with this commercial, but with all the work they have put in towards helping the Wellsburg church of Christ update its image. "Re-branding" might sound like a weird concept, but a fresh look can greatly help get your name out there!” – Jarred Currence, Preacher, Wellsburg church of Christ