“Why Should I Invest in Creativity?”

"Marketing is about values. It's a complicated and noisy world, and we're not going to get a chance to get people to remember much about us. No company is. So we have to be really clear about what we want them to know about us." -Steve Jobs, Founder of Apple Computers

"Marketing is about values. It's a complicated and noisy world, and we're not going to get a chance to get people to remember much about us. No company is. So we have to be really clear about what we want them to know about us." -Steve Jobs, Founder of Apple Computers

Being in the business of creativity, it is no secret that people often ask me, “Why should I invest my money into creativity?”  Though this is a fair question, it is a question that usually comes from people who can’t figure out why their business, organization, or event is struggling.  So, why should you invest in creativity?  Well, I usually answer this question with this analogy.  You work up enough money to buy your dream car, a Bugatti Veyron.  You labored hours upon hours for this car.  It was the sweat of your brow that bought this car.  It’s a sleek car.  It’s top of the line.  It has speakers, tinted windows, a horn that plays melodies more beautiful than those of the mutant love child of Franz Liszt and Sergei Rachmaninoff.  You love this car.  You earned this car.  The car is your driveway.  You get in the car.  You are ready to take off.  Full speed ahead.  You press the gas pedal to the ground, and you…  You don’t move.  You get out of the car.  You’re puzzled by this car.  Why won’t this beautiful thing that you worked so hard for take off?  This car that you worked so hard for does nothing.

Still, you end up telling all your friends and family about this car, this beautiful, wonderful car.  Hoping that it will take off with their support.  They come to see it.  They are amazed by it.  Now, they want to see you drive it…  Again, you get in the car.  You are ready to take off.  You press the gas pedal to the ground, and you…  You don’t move.  Friends and family are puzzled by you.  Why can’t you get this wonderful piece of equipment to work?  Eventually, they talk less and less about your sleek, beautiful, amazing Bugatti Veyron, because it simply doesn’t do what it is supposed to do.  It is worthless to them.  It is worthless to you.  It is worthless to all those around you.  So, the car sits still, and it rusts.  Why does this happen?  Simply put, because you forgot to fill it with gas.  That’s right, no matter how beautiful or wonderful or different a vehicle is, it's absolutely worthless without something to make it go.

As my good friend, musician Jim Avett, father of Seth and Scott Avett of world famous The Avett Brothers says about creativity, “Creativity is how humanity moves forward/progresses.  Creativity in thought of arts, education, construction, music, painting, cooking, …  you name it. Without creativity, we stand still as humans.” 

This is the same with your business.  You build, you love your business, but it goes just so much or, even worse, it stands still.  You know your business is amazing and worth your consumers money and time.  The problem is, you forgot to put the theoretical gas in your business’s engine.  You see, without advertising, your business doesn’t move, and without professional creativity behind that advertising, you’re driving 15mph on a 70mph highway.

Let’s look at a simple example we all know, Apple Computers.  It is a highly documented fact that Steve Jobs started this multi-billion dollar business in a garage.  In other words, you most likely started your business at a nicer location than Steve Jobs.  However, Steve Jobs moved his business from a garage to the penthouse in a few short years.  How did he do it?  He used, he invested in the most creative advertising available.  Groundbreaking advertising.  Advertising that prompted people to think, to discuss, and to buy.  For example, we all know of or remember Apple Computer’s 1984 Super Bowl commercial for their Macintosh Computer launch.  To this day, people still talk about this commercial and share it all over their social media.  This commercial is still advertising for Steve Jobs’ company, long after he himself has passed away.  Here is a link to that glorious piece of creativity:


Steve Jobs understood that the investment he was making in creativity, in advertising was one that would pay dividends upon dividends upon dividends.  To further illustrate these dividends, a majority of you are most likely reading this article on your iPad, iPhone, Macbook, etc., and to you, I ask, “Who can argue with the successful strategies of Apple Computers?  Who can argue that Steve Jobs’ investment in creativity has paid off?”
Still need further example?  Look at Mail Pouch Tobacco, a small tobacco company from Wheeling, WV who commissioned 20,000 barns painted with advertisements for their product in 22 different states.  The result of investing in creativity?  Their advertisements have spanned from 1890-2015, and during that time, their brand, their product has become a piece of American iconography.  In fact, Mail Pouch Tobacco has become such a piece of American iconography that I know people who have never used tobacco and are adamantly against using tobacco, but they will still decorate their home with memorabilia bearing the Mail Pouch Tobacco name.  Why? It has become a significant part of American history.  What’s this mean?  Their one creative advertising idea has had a ripple effect that has generated 1,000s upon 1,000s of free advertisements.  Now, that’s creative advertising at its finest.    
The fact is, we, as business owners, need to quit aiming for mediocrity.  With the right creativity supporting our business, organization, or event, we can develop the confidence of David, a confidence that brings success.  What do I mean by the confidence of David?  Well, most people know of David from the story of David vs. Goliath, but how many of us who has ever listened or read this historical account paid attention to the confidence David exuded throughout? 

The story goes that little David defeated the huge giant named Goliath.  Something no one thought was possible.  What people often overlook is the confidence David had going into this battle.  Nowhere will you find in this account a moment of David worrying about the battle or cringing in a corner over the thought of facing the biggest, baddest warrior of his time.  Nowhere will you find David fearing for his life or an account of his trebling hands heaving forth a lucky shot that sent Goliath tumbling to the ground. 

No, what you see is a boy who had supreme confidence, unshakable confidence.  How much confidence, you ask?  Enough confidence to not only turn down the king’s personal armor (he went into battle in regular clothes) but enough confidence that he went to face this giant man killer with only sling.  He didn’t even have the rocks to launch from his sling until he was on the way into the battle.  Still, he had enough confidence in God to know that He would provide him the victory. 

So, how much confidence do you have in the success of your business?  Is your confidence that of David or are you scared to face the giant?  Partnering with a creative consultancy like Leviathan Creative will not only help you develop and execute a successful advertising campaign worthy of your business, but it will give you the confidence to take the chances needed to attain the right consumers for your business.

Creativity is the thing that makes or breaks your business.  So, stop sitting in your theoretical Bugatti Veyron, wondering why your business is not taking off.  Fill your business with creative solutions and let them help you GO!